Programming Digest Announcement

Recently, I come up with idea to share my favorite articles I found on the internet and give basic description for them.

I do not plan this digest as periodical thing, so the first pattern I found appropriate is to publish this as soon as I have ten articles marked as favorite somewhere.

That’s the rule: each post - 10 articles.

Favorite means really favorite, so I do not crosspost every article I’ve read.

Hard to say what topics will be covered. I call it programming digest because most of articles will be somehow related to programming, but do not blame me if you see articles with another topic (math or humour), believe me they can be interesting also.

By the way, a lot of articles may be old, even very old (don’t call me Necromancer) but if they appear here, I found them somehow relevant and important to post.

Hope, you’ll find such sort of digest is interesting for reading and I like if you share your favorite programming-related articles with me.

Have fun!

mishadoff 11 February 2013
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