Hello, world!

This is my first post. It is always hard to begin something, but I’ll try.


I had blog earlier on LiveJournal, it was basically in Ukrainian, my native language. But more time I was working on something, less time I had to write something. Honestly, it even was not programming specific blog, just random thoughts, xposts, pictures, etc. You know this shit. Also, it was very hard to maintain some posts, especially about programming, and I gave up. Excellent proof is my failed attempt to share and explain Clojure solutions on Project Euler. Everything can be a reason: lack of readers, lack of feedback, not interesting topic, very specific topic, bad writing style, terrible livejournal layout and so on. Probably, these are all my excuses or maybe I just lazy.

Now I’ve got something in my mind and have passion to share it. No matter if somebody like it or not. I really believe that if you share something for this world, sooner or later somebody point you on your mistakes. And it’s a win. You got knowledge that didn’t know earlier and can share it to someone else. Simple loop.


I plan to be specific in this blog, so a big part will be about programming, especially Java and Clojure. I also love puzzles and stupid self-made pictures (O_o) and they have reserved place in my blog. Time to time can appear posts with reference to some clever people, if they have clever thoughts, of course. Event reports, some critic, books, movies, music, games, humour. Only God knows what else can appear in my mind and therefore in this blog, but I’ll try to be specific as much as possible. Really.


As you already understand I’m not native English speaker or writer or whatever. How many mistakes did you count?

I need some effort even for writing simple sentence in English (Kiev is the capital of Ukraine - not this one). And no matter how long I check my grammar or spelling I will have some mistakes. Big deal. Improve English is one of my goals, so it’s ok. adding english in todo list

I also don’t exclude option, that some posts will be in Ukrainian or even in Russian.

What else?

I spent half an hour writing this first post and believe that in near future I have more structured thoughts than this bag of words above. Good luck and welcome to my blog!

mishadoff 10 October 2012
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