Announcing numberto

All you need to play with numbers!


I created this project for two reasons:

  1. Solving problems on Project Euler, 4Clojure and just playground with numbers needed common functions. I just extracted them to separate util library.
  2. Practice to develop clojure project with unit tests, continuos integration, documentation and publishing to clojars.

Get it

Current version is 0.0.2 available to download on Clojars or as lein dependency [numberto "0.0.2"]

Example usage

(number->roman 19) => "XIX"
(take 10 fibonacci) => (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55)
(shift-right 123456789 3) => 789123456
(count-digits (! 100000)) => 456574
(factorize 234) => [2 3 3 13]

Can you read long numbers?

(number-name 16532561257523723757234781264) =>
"sixteen octillion five hundred thirty two septillion five hundred sixty one sextillion
two hundred fifty seven quintillion five hundred twenty three quadrillion seven hundred
twenty three trillion seven hundred fifty seven billion two hundred thirty four million
seven hundred eighty one thousand two hundred sixty four"


Each logical set of functions moved to separate namespace. Here is the list of namespaces:

Check out detailed intro

P.S. I still experimenting, so expect a lot of changes between versions until make something stable. Comments and advices are welcome!

mishadoff 01 September 2013
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